Information for Designers

Warmest greetings!

You are cordially invited to participate as a designer in the new Fit for a Princess event.

Fit for a Princess will be a monthly shopping event featuring designers that cross the spectrum from clothing, furniture, hair, skin, poses, and everything in-between.

Please note this is not a charity event. If you participate, all of your profits aside from a small set up fee are yours to keep. The set up fee is to help offset the cost of tier on the venue’s land.

The first round of Fit for a Princess shall open on April 1st, 2014. If you wish to join us for this inaugural round, please submit your application no later than March 18th, 2014. This invitation is open, if you miss the deadline for round one, you can choose to join for future rounds at any time by submitting your application to RandomEncouragement Resident.

Our first month will be “freestyle.” Show us how you interpret “Fit for a Princess!” Subsequent rounds will be themed, with more freestyle rounds interspersed. Themes for our first year will be as follows:



2014 Themes


April: Freestyle
May: Floral
June: Modern Princess
July: Happily Ever After
August: Medieval Princess
September: Freestyle
October: Autumn
November: Forest Princess
December: Christmas/Holidays
January: Snow Princess
February: Freestyle
March: The Crown Jewels

Themes do not have to be strictly adhered to, but we would appreciate your items being influenced by them. For example, “The Crown Jewels” will not require everyone to make jewelry. Interpret it how you like, maybe jewel toned colors!

Regarding item prices, we ask you aim to keep the cost of your items 300L or below, except in the case of fatpacks. Aside from this, pricing will be completely at your discretion.

Items do not necessarily need to be new, but we definitely encourage it. Special recolors are also acceptable. We ask that new items you bring to the event be exclusive to the event until the end of the round, after which you are most welcome and encouraged to sell them as you see fit.

Please note, you will not be obligated to participate every month. We would love it if you did, but we understand that some months you just won’t have time.

Schedule of prim allotments and fees:

12 regular booths:
up to 15 prims each

4 corner booths:
Up to 30 prims each

Optional gacha machine:

*gacha machines will be supplied.
If you only want to participate with a gacha and not have a booth, you may do so. Please indicate on your application that this is your preference.

Designers who participate will be invited to the group Fit for a Princess: Organization. Approved bloggers will also be placed in this group.

If you want to take part in this event, please fill out the application here on the website and submit it, or fill out a notecard in world with the same information and submit it to RandomEncouragement Resident. If you have any questions about the event, please feel free to ask. Notecards are best.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Your very truly,
The Fit for a Princess Organizers
RandomEncouragement Resident
Madison Swords



Themes for 2015-16:

April: Anniversary
May: Baroque Princess
June: Prom Princess
July: Renaissance Princess
August: Freestyle
September: Kawaii Princess
October: Tudor Princess
November: Hipster Princess
December: Freestyle
January: Shabby Chic Princess
February: Victorian Princess
March: Heir to the Throne


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